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    Equations of the Line shanekenna

    The table below gives the equations of three lines.

    Line 1: 4x -2y -12 = 0

    Line 2: y=5

    Line 3: 3y = 9x - 8

    Which line has the greatest slope?

    I'm okay with converting the lines 2 & 3 into equations of the line, it's just finding out the slope, i.e. there's no x1 and y1?

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      If you put an equation in the form y=mx+c then the coefficient of the x value is the slope.

      Therefore if you rearrange line 1 it becomes y=2x-6 so it has a slope of 2.

      Line 2 has no x value so it has a slope of 0

      and line 3 has a slope of 3

      Therefore line 3 has the greatest slope.

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