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    Failed HL Maths Bradleyxo

    In my mocks I got 30% in maths, I'm debating whether to stay up because I have no motivation to study. Any tips on how to find an interest in maths?

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      I understand that maths can be very hard . I dont really like the subject that much myself but i do think stay with maths and make it fun . There is a website i like called khan Academy it make maths fun amd you dont get bored with it .

      Hope this helped you

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      Thanks for the tip Abz765.Anyways Bradleyxo I suggest that you should stay in Higher Level Maths as a lot of people in my class failed maths but there's a lot of room for improvement.There is a website that might help you(and I am using it) but you need to ask your teacher first because it requires an enrolment code.It's free for 2 weeks but you have to pay 10 euros thereafter and if you want a website that really helps you but you have to pay 30 euros I think there's videos and how it teaches you how to interpret questions in a efficient way

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      You were just 10% away from passing the real junior cert will be much easier than the mock exam stick with it try exam questions listen to online tutorials get less stress maths revision books trust me it's best you stay because when you do your leaving cert guess what you get points for getting an E but I wouldn't advise you getting an E in the leaving cert 😂

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      Do you think you will make an effort to study?? And why are u doing higher maths is it for yourself or is it because you teacher want you to?? Most people In my class failed hl maths. I got 57% and am studying hard because I want to get a c or b in the real thing. If you think you will study stay at higher level, you will be doing more revison in class now anyways and your likely to get a higher mark in June. I go to grinds and find them really good if u want to do well it might be worth it. If you don't think you will study much drop to ordinary as it is easier.. Hl maths is good as for leaving cert it gets you more marks!! If you think your any bit good at maths stay in higher!! :)

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      Hiya! look i failed my maths mock too. I got 29%, i found the paper quite difficult and i was taking grinds. But i have decided to drop higher maths and take ordinary. I felt as if the work was draining but now after taking the ordinary i find its much more comfortable and i am guaranteed as good result. it is honestly how you feel your self, no one else should make the choice for you.

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