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    Formulas Padraigoc

    What formalus do we have to know that are not given in the log book?

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      For the mock that I did all the formulas needed were in the log book:)

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      For the mock that I did all the formulas needed were in the log book:)

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      are you allowed to look at the formulas on the day?

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      Yes, make sure to ask for log tables.

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      Are you alloud use the log book for all exams or just some?

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      Both papers for maths. I guess also science subjects and maybe others, but not sure :-)

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      Because I know certain metalwork questions ask for you to draw the electric circuit shown and since all the symbols are in the log book it would make it quiet easy if you could use them

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      I believe you can use your log tables for every subject on the day. However I think my metalwork teacher doesn't want us using them in the mocks for some reason.

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      Hi Padraigoc! Remember you cannot bring your own log tables in the Maths exam in the Junior Cert. You must ask the superintendent for a copy of the log tables. You can only use the log tables provided by the superintendent.

      I'm not so sure if you can bring your own log tables on other exams such as Science, or if they will provide them to you on those other exams. You can ask your teachers about this.

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      (Answering the original question) I believe all the formulas you need are in the log tables. Some example of things that will not be on the log tables are: geometry theorems, angles (such as corresponding, alternating and interior angles), congruent triangles, corollaries (such as the sum of the opposite angles in a cyclic quadrilateral is 180°) and methods of factorising an expression.

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      volume of a rectangle and volume of the circle is not given in the log book and is a must to know

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      Yes you would need to know the area of a rectangle and the volume of a cuboid.

      The formulae and tables book aka the "log book" does contain area of a circle, volume of a cylinder, volume of a sphere etc.

      Make sure you get familiar with the log book as soon as possible, esp regarding what it contains and doesn't contain.

      Eamonn -

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      Thanks for commenting guys I asked my maths teacher since and just incase of of you need to know, you also need to learn the formula for finding the nth term of a quadratic sequence which is:

      Tn=an^2 +bn +c

      T1 = A + b +c

      T2-T2 = 3a + b

      2nd difference = 2a

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