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    Help on Maths edassery

    Hi I am in 3rd year and doing Higher level maths. I had a test last week and i didn't do well, even though i studied a lot. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Can you give me good tips on how to study for maths effectively please. I really want to get an A in my JC this year. Thanks!

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      `You have to be specific on what you had the test on in Maths.

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      I had the test on Graphing Functions and Geometry

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      make sure you understand what your doing and why your doing it

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      practice questions and try to see where ur going wrong the only way to study in maths is to practice

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      thank you!!!

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      I use studyclix questions based on the topic I'm doing in school each night after class and see if I know it I also use my exam papers

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      Make sure you know everything on functions. If there is one thing that you don't know it will punish you. I had a functions test right before Christmas and the one thing I didn't know was that if you go out in 1s on the X axis you don't have to go up in 1s on the y axis and it resulted in 62 percent bringing my Christmas average from 95 to 89

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