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    help with orders of magnitude question aoife098

    by how many orders of magnitude does 1470000000 differ from 8340

    show workings please

    thanks for whoever answers question

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      I think its 1.47 x10 to the power of 9 and 8.34 to the power of 3. im not sure if this is right though sorry

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      5 orders of magnitude

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      could you please tell me how its 5?

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      Orders of magnitude? I don't think we studied this

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      It is 6 orders of magnitude

      1470000000= 1.47 x 10(to the power of 9)

      8340= 0.834 x 10(to the power of 4)

      9 - 4 = 5 :)

      How I rounded up..?

      the number has to be between I and 10 ughh it is confusing to explain I will only confuse you soz

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      sorry imeant 5, 5 orders of magnitude:)

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      1470000000 is nearer to 1,000,000,000 than to 10,000,000,000 so has an order of magnitude of 9.

      8340 is nearer to 10,000 than 1000 so has an order of magnitude of 4.

      The difference is 9-4=5

      Hope that helps

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      When you don't even know what orders of magnitude are

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      Order of magnitude is a number to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 etc order 1, 2, ,3 respectively

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      Unlikely to come up so don't stress

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      Can someone please explain what this question even is?

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      Higher level maths

      Order of magnitude estimates how big one number is in comparison to another

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      why don't you leave it as 8.340 instead of 0.8340? sorry im so confused haha

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      When did this question come up last?

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      I don't think it did. It's on crriculum but only came up on sample papers I think Aoife.

      Sarah 0.834 is incorrect scientific notation. 8.34. X 10^3 is correct then round up as 8>5 so 4 orders of magnitude.

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      a question about comparing the radii of pluto and earth using orders of magnitude came up on my mocks

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      @MM97 I left 8.34 as it is but others wrote it as 0.834 . do you move the decimal place left or right? would it not be 10^2 ?

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      It's to the left if the ten's power is negative, and to the right if it's positive

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      ok thank you!

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