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    HL help SryanBruen

    Is 59% or any where around the 60s (which I always get apart from 1 test in which I got 76%) a good result for HL maths? If it isn't, should I drop to OL?

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      55% and up is a C,which is an honour,so I'd say stick with higher

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      Okay thanks

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      yes its a good result so definitely stick to honours. if youre still unsure wait until you complete the mocks and see if you want to stick to honours based on your mock result

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      My teacher says that the tests don't get harder between second and third year but you Get better at maths and the questions begin to seem easier

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      The Maths videos on are great if you're unsure!

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      When I did my Junior Cert, I got 18% in my mocks at HL but when I went on to do the actual exams I got 63% with some hard work. If you're doing this well now, stick with it, it will be helpful when you're in the Leaving Cert.

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      Well 49% I got in my mocks Sarah

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