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    How did everyone do in Paper 2? EH458

    How did paper 2 go for you all? Personally I feel like I've done enough to pass or get at most a B, it didn't go awfully but it didn't go insanely well either 😂 Discuss answers or anything in the comments, kinda hope I didn't make a complete balls of it tbh

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      think I got a B but fucking hell maths is way too unpredictable, kinda sad Pythagoras didn't come up because I learned it off and it would've marked a fuck ton of people down and marked me up, oops selfish.

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      Same about Pythagoras though, didn't even get half the theorem question

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      I'd be lucky to get a c. Wanted a b but I really don't think I did good enough! 😂 did you get the diagonal of a line in the question where there were two cubes??

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      Yeah I got that!!! 😀😂😂

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      I was so happy I was like yessssss

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      What did u get if u don't mind me asking 😂 I was trying to get it for ages how did u do it??

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      Can't remember fully sorry, I think I got root 17 for the first one and root 12 for the one that asked you to find part of it under the first cube

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      I didnt thi k twas too bad but the last question was so hard but i think ill get a good few attempt marks

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      The theorem question I never learnt before but it was so easy hahaha. I either got a high C or low B in Maths overall I think.

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