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    How did ye find paper 1 :/ Beachy123

    Question 1 was sound.. but the them venn diagrams onwards :/

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      The Venn Diagrams. In it there were 6 people who didn't do it. 7 in the middle. Then the ratio kinda got me but I figured it out. Add the ratio together. 2+1=3. Put 2/3 and 1/3. Multiply 2/3 my 12 ( cause when you add 6+7=13, 25-13= 12) I got 8. Then multiply 1/3 by 12= 4. Add up 6+7+8+4=25

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      How could you possibly figure that our :/

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      I thought the Venn diagram was grand. But found the rest of the paper really hard except for the factorising q's. Was so disappointed cause I studied loads and I didn't do well

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      I thought ven diagram was grand but I did it in. A much easier method than that and got it out

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      I thought the Venn diagram was ok but disappointed as I thought more sets question would come

      Up. I thought the paper was really different than other years. I studied mainly algebra and functions and I didn't really get to show off what I knew as the questions were so different. For the Venn diagram I just added 6 and 7 took that away from the total and I think my answer was 12. Then I got 2/3 of 12 and put in it for q I think it was an then put it whatever was left over :)

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      The questions themselves were perfectly fine,I knew what I was doing for all of them,but I made a few really stupid mistakes,so I know l lost a few marks.Still,l think l got enough to scrape an A for that paper.l hope paper 2 goes slightly better though..

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      id say the first 6 or 7 questions got me a C alone

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      The entire paper was so easy

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      everything except Q14 part c (ii) how do you find a and b in that equation, other than that it went so smoothly

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      Nah I'm finished, I had algebra and finance stuff like paye going for me and barely any came up

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      I know, there was not USC questions or anything! This paper was a joke!

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