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I got my maths exam back...
naxmax9 Junior Cert Mathematics — 17/02/17 4

Alright. For summer I got 20% in Maths (I know awful) I got 49% in my Christmas exam. Should I remain in Higher Level maths?

EA01 — 24/11/16
Drop down tbh
AvrilWilliamson — 24/11/16
No because you improved so that means u try and even a D or C in higher is the same as an A or B in ordinary
IrishJuniorCert — 24/11/16
D in honors level > A in ordinary level
RuthM — 17/02/17
my son got 41% at Christmas and 53% at Pre's but got a B in the actuals. He put in a lot of work though.
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