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    I have no Idea what im doing Ciaranclixxx

    I've had an awful maths teacher for 3 years and have absolutely no clue how to do even basic forms of maths, he told my parents I'm capable of doing H.L so I had to choose it for the Junior Cert, I still have no idea what I'm doing or how to study maths. Any help? (27% in the mocks and I'm doing grinds two days of the week.)

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      I'm only looking for a pass also.

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      Just do loads of past exam questions and talk to your teacher, or maybe even a different teacher to see if they can help.

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      be grrraand the dole has incresed to 190 euro now

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      Your honestly not the only one! We have a really good maths teacher and barely any of my higher class passed the mock! I got 51% which isn't that great but was actually one of the highest! Do u think grinds are helping u?? I get them too and thought they helped me so it's weird if u don't think they are working! Just do loads of past exam papers, if not already do questions based on a topic and get your grinds teacher to correct them for u. You just have to keep practising, u will probably do more revison in class so u should get a pass if that's all u want!! Just keep doing questions and don't move on until u definitely know them! And always ask ur teacher.. I used to never ask my teacher but I realised I was only fooling myself by pretending I could do it and I couldn't!! Good luck x

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      I got 39% in the pres it is really tough but i feel the questions aren't hard I feel its the way they ask them is what makes them hard, that's why i'm studying a load of past exam papers

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      same here like. lmao lets gooooooo

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