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If you get an answer using a different method do you still get the marks?
naxmax9 Junior Cert Mathematics — 28/08/16 4

If you get an answer using a different method do you still get the marks in the junior cert? for example question - solve the following inequality and show on a number line 3x-4 > 5 , x E R they do it like this - 3x-4 > 5 3x > 5 + 4 3x > 9 x > 3, x E R final answer 3 (From my maths book) But I do it like this. 3(1) - 4 > 5 3 + 1 = 4 4 + 4 = 8 8 - 5 = 3 Final Answer 3? Will I get any marks for doing it that way?! just wondering. or should I learn how to do it the way the book did it? sorry for the long question

Alex F — 27/08/16
In the exams when the teachers create the marking scheme they often use the method that was either a) the simplest way of solving solving problem or b) the way that the majority of the students answered it in. In the exam if you solve it correctly then you really should get full marks, as the examiner would have looked through how you answered it, but ultimately got the final correct number In terms of learning it from the book that is completely down to you, some textbooks over complicate certain questions and can be confusing, I would advise you to answer the question in the style in are most comfortable, just make sure you write all your steps clearly so the examiner can see exactly what you did at each step, because if you got a miscalculation and they see you knew what the concept was, then they would take away a mark or two
naxmax9 — 27/08/16
okay thanks Alex :)
KS98 — 28/08/16
You should get marks if it's still a viable method. What is your method though, I've never seen the likes before? What steps are you following to make you get to a correct answer?
lukebrn — 28/08/16
You won't get full marks. In your answer you're subbing in a number (1) not proving for all values of x which is what you have to do. I'm a grinds teacher in Dublin and I'd love to help you out, email me lukester9498@gmail.com and I can send notes etc!
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