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    Is 57% in mocks maths bad?? Elisha447

    We got results for our maths mocks yesterday.. I do higher level and got 57%. Most of my class actually got around 40-50 % and a few got c's and b's..

    I don't know whether to be happy with my result or not? I usually get a b in maths .My teacher said she just wanted a pass for the mock.. I am aiming for a b in my junior cert though!

    Did anyone else get results back?

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      Well you got the whole course,which you haven't yet covered all. You can expect a solid 15-20% rise in the junior cert at the rate of work you have been doing or even more if you're going to do more work.

      Could you please send me maths paper 2 please ^_^ ~ Snapchat gusty2

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      Are you HL Maths? If you are then that's a good result!

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      Ya I'm higher level! Thanks!! Hopefully I can improve by June!

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      You should do. The mocks are marked harder and as well as some harder questions so you very likely will improve in your actual JC but it does not matter much as that is a good result because HL Maths is not easy. A 'C' at HL is better than an A at OL.

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      I would be delighted with 57 % in Maths 😂🙏🏻📕

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      I got a similar mark and was best in my class, I am the only one in the class who she is happy for me to keep doing higher.

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      Stevo 123

      57% in higher maths is brilliant considering that only 6 people passed

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      Stevo 123

      In my class

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      I got 20% lol

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      I got 59 in my mocks and was wondering the exact same thing but I think with a good bit of hard work over the next couple of months I can hopefully turn that into a b or maybe even an a if im lucky

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      That's good ! I failed my mock but got an A in the real thing

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      I got 78% and my teacher wasn't happy lol

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      I got 49 in mocks and 96 in the actual thing as a bitch teacher was correcting them

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