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Oversimplified Answers
Suitcasey114 Junior Cert Mathematics — 10/06/16 3

In Paper 1 today,for Q14,the dotted line messed me up,and I accidentally said c=0.Does that mean I lose all my marks for the next part,or would I be saved by consequential marking? Basically,did I oversimplify my answer?

JackW — 10/06/16
Yeah you seem to have oversimplified your answer
JackW — 10/06/16
I'm not sure how the marking goes if your answer is oversimplified but usually if your answer to one part is consistent with an answer to a previous part you should get the marks
Suitcasey114 — 10/06/16
Yeah cos my answer to be part b worked out fully,and it didn't change my method of doing the sum,so I was hoping to get some marks
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