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    Predictions for Theorem 2015? shanekenna

    Anyone have any ideas or predictions as t what theorem might come up on paper 2?

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      Roberto Mane

      I think maybe theorem 19 as the parallelogram theorem came up in the mocks

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      My teacher said there's no way of predicting it but Pythagoras's theorem comes up the most cause it's the hardest :/

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      David Connolly 123

      Theorem 19 has appeared in 2012 and 2014 so it is unlikely to reappear. Hopefully not theorem 14 because that's impossible to learn. Hoping for theorem 4 or 6 or even better none [although this is unlikely to happen :( ]

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      Probably theorem of Pythagoras

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      I think Pythagoras's theorem (a2 + b2) comes up most of the time in the JC.

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      I think that Pythagoras Theorem will is more likely to come up, and its not that hard, because Pythagoras Theorem comes up in nearly every trigonometry question and the amount of times you use it, it should be easy.

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      David Connolly 123

      Using Pythagoras Theorem is easy, but proving it is far from it.

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      Hey Guys... here are the best news ever.

      Before yesterday i thought that that I was never able to learn theorem 14 or Pythagoras Theorem. But I came across this video and it saved my life, be aware though that this guy does make a mistake when he is labeling and doesn't notice but it does not effect the theorem so its allright. Click on the link to view it.

      I hope this helps.

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      When you are learning a theorem, do not memorize in fact you wont even have to look at it. just understand the concept, and I promise you, you will never forget it.

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