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    Probabilty maher123

    how to do you do combined events with unequally likely outcome using a tree diagram.please really need help on this!!! thanks:)

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      Hello there, I can help you with this. Take a picture of an example question and post it here.

      Tree diagrams are really easy once you get the hang of them., I promise!

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      Here is an explanation for your question:

      In the first part of the tree diagram, you list the outcomes of one of the events. You must also write the probability (as a fraction) for each outcome. On the second part, list the outcomes of the second event beside all of the outcomes of the first event. So let's say there were three different outcomes for the first event. That means you have to list the outcomes of the second event three times, writing them beside each of the different outcomes of the first event. Just like before, you must write the probability for each outcome. To find the probability of a combination of two outcomes from two different events, simply multiply the two probabilities (the two fractions).

      Maybe if you show us an example of a question, either I or Ms. Aedamar (I believe she's a maths teacher) will help you.

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      I was meaning to say ''will help you some more''.

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      Hey, I changed my name on this. Dazzla 16 you believe correctly. I will make a short video of an example later on and paste you a link! The basics are :

      Each branch displays an outcome

      There will be a number of different paths showing possibilities when you have completed your diagram. These paths must cover ALL possible outcomes.

      You can write the probabilities as fractions or decimals they are the same thing.

      You are multiplying combinations as you are often considering the probabilities of one event AND another event. AND in probability tells you to multiply.

      You may also have to add different combinations as you may be asked the probability of something OR something. OR in probability tells you to ADD

      Here is an example. I toss a coin tree times. Represent all the possible outcomes on a tree diagram. Then calculate the probability of getting three heads or two heads and a tail. I will post a solution later!

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      Ok cool. You'll probably explain it better than me, since you're a teacher and I'm only a student.

      By the way I didn't know you changed your username. I will know that from now :)

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