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    Quadratic Equations help Shahed^_^

    I don't understand how to solve the equation any tips guys , tia x

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      What method do you use, the guide number or the number square method? People generally get stuck on the guide rule method so try the other method which should be in your maths book. Id also try YouTube or as they have great notes and videos on how to solve them

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      David Connolly 123

      Do you know how to use the quadratic formula (x= -b+- ...). If so its really useful for solving tricky quadratics. If not the guide number method is in my opinion the easiest way. Take the third part (the number) and find what 2 numbers multiply to give it and add to give the second number (with x).

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      shahed you could've asked me in class. its sarah A by the way.

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      sarah you always say you dont know?

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      Thank you guys much appreciated!

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      whats the guide number method ???

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      how do you use the minus b formula

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