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    Should I do HL Maths for the Junior Cert? naxmax9

    I'm awful at maths. I was good in first year and as second year went on I just became bad. I got 86% for Halloween last year then 62% for Christmas then 40% for Easter then 56% for summer. Should I drop it or do HL maths for the junior cert? Will I fail it? I had a trigonometry test today and I think I'm going to fail it...

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      No you should not drop it. Have a look at my results

      2nd year

      Christmas: 64%

      Summer: 76%

      3rd year

      Christmas: 63%

      Mock: 49%

      Junior: C

      I kept HL and see, I got a honour grade in the end for the actual thing.

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      No you shouldn't drop, I got 51% for my mock and got an A in the JC, just keep working away at it and you'll get there.

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