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    So how did ye find maths today? lucyc57

    How did ye find maths ?

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      VERY EASY! Hahaha... it was one of the easiest Maths exams I have done. And this is HIGHER LEVEL I'm talkin' 'bout!

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      the start was sooooooooooooo easy until like q10 pt 1 haha. i messed up pt 2 on q 10 tho, i had a strange upside down m for a graph???

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      I know I was only unable to do 4 questions? How was geo for you Syran Bruen ? Nothing I studied came up and u know for migration one I did Ulster

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      I posted my opinion on the Geography exam here Carolina

      6 of the things I predicted came up which I am kind of disappointed with but not hugely. I am shocked that coastal erosion or deposition came up.

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      Sorry correction on the last sentence haha, didn't come up*

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