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    Struggling Cathy20155

    My maths teacher is really behind and so now she's realising and she's going so fast through stuff and I asked for help on a question and she ignored me because she doesn't want to slow down. But Im really struggling to keep up with her as she is doing about 60 pages a week( she did half a chapter today and told us to do the rest of it ourselves at home) what should I do? And it's not like I'm struggling in maths I got 80% in the pres

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      I had the same problem and my teacher is doing the same thing at the moment luckily before my pre I got help and I think I got an A but I still haven't gotten it back, but a few people are dropping down to pass, because we didn't do graphing functions so paper 1 was a major struggle

      You got a decent grade so I'd say you arent bad at maths I advice checking out for videos on how to do questions or ask an adult for help in order to understand the topics covered

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      That's an extremely fast pace! Unfortunately you're going to have to do a lot yourself, whether from a textbook or video lessons etc.

      It's important to cover the whole course, as there is no element of choice any more. No point being strong in 4 strands and very weak in the 5th, so make sure to give time and attention to this area even if your teacher is flying through it. It's tempting to ignore the weak area, but that would not be a good strategy.

      Post back if you need any other specific advice.


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