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    subsets Sarah2014

    what is a subset and will I ever be asked to find what it is in the jc? thanks

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      A subset is part of a set. So lets say A={1,2,3}. This will have 6 subsets, I know this because I did 2^3(2 to the power of 3) = 8. 3 Is the number elements in a set. So lets say X={1,2} then the number of subsets would be 2^2(2 to the power of 9) = 4.

      So lets return to A={1,2,3}, now lets find the subsets.

      {} - Null subset is a subset of all sets








      You will need to know what a subset is and how to find them, they're confusing at the start but you get the hang of them like everything in maths.

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      Thank you so much this helped hugely ☺☺

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