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    Theory Sarah123x

    What theory should I know going into the exam besides the theorem I am unsure what theory is important and what isn't.

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      Alex F

      In the exam they usually ask on a question on patterns and sequences

      They usually ask you to get a general formal of the the perimeter of a stage or the area

      When asked the perimeter use your Tn role where you find the multiple used. Eg the sequence 2,6,10 the multiple is 4 so it's Tn= 4n + or - a number = 6

      For Area you need the formula of an2+bn+c

      To do this first you must the second difference and divide that by 2. This is a

      Make two equations and solve them to simultaneously to find b and c

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      Alex F

      You also need to know constructions too like bisect an angle

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      thank you! is there anything else like in probability that i should know like the trial ? that came up in my pre ? :)

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      Alex F

      Yes in Probability you need to know definitions like Simple Random Survey and placing events from impossible to certain.

      You also need to know when finding the probability of an outcome if it says OR you add the outcomes needed. If it says AND you multiply the outcomes needed

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      Alex F

      I meant Trial not Survey

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