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    Types of Data frans

    Anyways of remembering the data types?

    I seem to always get Q's wrong on them, even when looking at them.

    Anyways of remembering what the data types are used for?(eg,categorical nominal,categorical ordered , numerical discrete, numerical contineous)

    Basically whats the difference between them?


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      Categorical nominal data is data involving categories that cannot be ordered, such as the brand of phone people use.

      Categorical ordinal data is data involving categories that can be ordered, such as exam grades (A1, A2, etc.) and positions in a running race (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.)

      In general, categorical data does not involve numbers that represent physical values. It involves categories in which people might fall into when data is collected.

      Numerical discrete data is data involving some numbers but not all real numbers, such as shoe sizes (7, 7.5, 8, etc.) and number of pages in books.

      Numerical continuous data is data that includes all possible real numbers for a particular situation, such as a height of a person or the weight of something.

      In general, numerical data involves numbers representing physical values. It involves sizes or quantities of different things.

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