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    What happens if you don't write your Calculator on the exam fire

    My maths teacher never told us we had to do that! What is going to happen to my exam now?

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      what it be okay to write it on paper 2 and write and paper 1. My teacher honestly told us nothing about it

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      i did the same thing. I emailed the state examination comissioner and passed her on my exam number. she said it doesnt matter and i wont be deucted. lots of people in my class forgot too. also i was speaking to my maths teacher who has been correcting papers for 30 years and he said never once has he checked a junior cert apaper for calculator model. so i wouldnt worry about it!

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      thanx i almost had a heart attack, I am telling ya the junior cert can kill.

      Can you please give me the email address you used to contact the state examination comissioner?

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