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Why is it so difficult
XxBritneyxX Junior Cert Mathematics — 09/06/16 5

I loved maths, before I was put in a higher level class. Don't get me wrong I still love it but I hate paper 1. I can't do. Everything except for algebra is difficult. I got 36 percent on maths in my mocks and I don't know if its because my teacher wasn't in a month before the mocks or I'm just terrible. Some people say they failed the mocks and passed the junior cert. Is this the case ???

Name — 07/06/16
its hard because its higher level. It has to be hard to distinguish people
claire.liz — 09/06/16
you are meant to go up by about 10% from mocks to jc so you have a good chance of passing, just attempt every question cause you get marks for trying
— 09/06/16
even if you can see the formula needed, but no idea how to use it, write it, as you will get marks (eg write out the quadratic formula when factorising, as even if you can't key the values in you will get marks!) take key info from the question, and rephrase it simpler.
XxBritneyxX — 09/06/16
How can I really study for paper 1, the only problem is the word problems. If they just plain said what I have to do I would get an A. If I don't understand the question its hard to answer. But I think I will pass, studied maths everyday since the mocks, can't wait for paper 2
— 09/06/16
practice exam questions and if you are unsure on any, this link - https://educateplus.ie/mathssolutions/mathsjchl.pdf - has a run through of (i believe) every question on the exam book. read through certain chapters and examples that confuse you, and look up some topics on bbc bitesize (verrrry handy).
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