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    All set and choice songs lolimlol

    The An Mhaighdean Mhara Year

    Any tips and tricks for test soon?

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      Listen to the songs one by one and get familiar with them. Then recite the features such as key signature,, time signature , texture etc.... Maybe ask your teacher if u can go to the national concert hall sometime in October to watch them being played. My teacher is bringing us there so we get to here them being performed live :)

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      Thanks very much. We're not allowed to see them being played but I listen to them myself on YouTube. Thanks

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      my class put information of the song to the tune of the song. For example for The Streets of Laredo we did .........

      A historical ballad the streets of Laredo

      Repeated notes, strophic for major in key

      This song has an octave range, ABAB1

      3/4 with an upbeat it's from USA........ Hope this helped :)

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