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    Any questions On JC music? EabhaJC

    I am In junior cert, but have been taking music theory classes since I was 7. I am well ahead of the standard for Junior cert (I am on college degree music) and since I will be sitting the exam I was wondering if anyone had questions they would like answered or help with? even just some discussion betw/

    een a few people might help us learn new stuff we might not have been thought in school

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      What else is there to study besides set songs and works?

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      any ideas for a chosen general study?

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      how can you identify a jig and slip jig easily?

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      Sorry for the long time it took to reply, but teenage life called ;)

      studysha101: you must do your choice works and sets, your chosen general study, your orchestral instruments, identifying different types of irish music and dances, and all your trad instruments... DICTATION too! the bane of my life.. but it is good to get some practice at it :D

      dankidstudy: Well in my school, we had a couple of headings from our text. I chose the life and music of the beatles because.. well I love the beatles! But a very interesting and kind of easy one to do is television theme songs, we hear them every day and they are recognisable so that is a good one to do! you might want to check it with your music teacher though, some schools have the whole class do the same topic, or they might give you some different ones to work on as there is alternatives, but I only know of the two I thought of doing!

      Isabel_shier: my easiest way is to use words that fit in! Jig= rash-ers-and-sau-sa-ges Slip-Jig= wrig-el-leys-chew-ing-gum-chew-ing-gum :D

      Hope all that helped!

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      hi! do you know what "improvisation" is for the JC higher practical?

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      Hi how do u know by listening to a piece of music what key it is in???

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      Aine25: improvisation is used for General study. It's found commenly in Jazz music! It means she the piano (or the other instruments) kayusudlly an ostinato, or the '12 bar blues' and the front line instruments play along, making the notes up as they go! An example is the drum and Sax improve in Take Five by the Dave Brubeck quartet!

      Sonia15: unless you have a very good ear for music no you cannot. You can probably hear whether its major or minor but probably not what the doh chord is!

      That answer your questions?

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      hi do you know how i can improve on the listening questions like e.g irish music as thats the place i fall on most ???

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