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    HELP!!! Dictation?? sonia15

    hey just wondering does anyone have any tips on how to do the dictation thing, I haven't got a clue how.

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      always take down the rhythm above the stave before you start putting them in the correct positions on the stave. Youre guaranteed at least half marks if you get the rhythm and the barlines correct before you even start the actual solfa. Theres always a dotted crotchet followed by a quaver and its nearly always in the third bar. As far as the solfas concerned just always keep doh in your head while listening to the dictation and you should get the general idea of the rest of the notes by telling how far away from doh they are.

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      Yes, get the rhythm first and it'll be easier to get the melody. Also, remember that the last note is always Doh. It can be a higher 'Doh' though, so if it's a lot higher than the 1st note (also doh), then it's a high doe

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      1) Write in all the barlines, especially the double bar line at the end

      2) remember that the very last note of the whole melody will be on a high or low doh

      3) write the rhythm above the stave, you should have it in the first two hearings. Make sure the rhythm is clear so the examiner can see because you will be awarded marks. Remember bad 2 or 3 is ALWAYS a dotted crotchet followed by a quaver

      4) try to fill in the notes as best you can, even if there not the right notes, if the notes go higher, make your notes go higher even if they are not the right notes just so the examiner knows you have the general idea. You get marks for it

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      No matter what happens, always make it sure you transfer your rhythm into melody, even if its wrong, otherwise you wont get any marks at all for the whole question

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      thanks :)

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      Also you generally have to fill in 10 notes so try stick to around that number

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