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    Set Works... Elf

    How do you study for the Set works?The majority of the questions on them are from the excerpt you hear, so you can basically get away with just listening to them in the exam and then getting the answers then, right?

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      yeh suppose, our teacher told us just to keep listening to them to get our ears tuned to the different type of music we aren't used to.

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      You could get the answers from listening, but it's safer just to learn it. Look at the kind of questions that come up on exam papers

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      Leran the basic stuff about the set works and the rest you should be able to answer from listening

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      Identify features as you listen ... try take a set work once a day ... works for me :)

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      our teacher wants to learn them all off by heart but as soon as i have studied the 1st one i move onto the second one and then i forget the 1st!

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      They ask about key signatures a lot, our teacher gave us loads of notes on commonly asked questions, and so far I've been able to answer every question on the exam papers about my set works from these notes. It helps to google the works and take down key points that are commonly asked questions in the JC:)

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      Most you should be able to answer by listening but you have to do learned listening as well, some things are very difficult to hear especially on the spot like it is in the actual exam, so the best thing to do is listen to the work again and again with your notes in front of you trying to hear everything you have written down, that way in the exam when you hear it you'll remember what it is you're hearing.

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      Learn the keys, time signatures etc. and also as many of the key features as you can remember.

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      I find this really helpful.

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