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    Trad music practicals? JC aine15

    did anybody do Irish music for the practical & what did you play? is ornamentation etc. good or bad & are reels or jigs better etc. ?

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      The key to doing well if doing Irish music in practical is to VARY your pieces. Eg you could do 1 reel 2 jig 3 slow air 4 Polka/ march etc.You didn't say if you were doing 4 pieces on one instrument or 2 pieces on 2 different instruments.Yes to ornamentation if done well.Good luck!

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      thank you! really helpful and I think I'm going to do mandolin & banjo :)

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      Both will be assessed seperately from marking point of view, so then eg if you wanted you could do a jig on both instruments. You can also have an accompaniment eg piano or guitar ...your're still solo performer not a group.!

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