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    Choice songs and choice works in Q5 Deirdre Gall

    Do choice song and choice work questions alternate each year, for example 2016 choice song, 2015 choice work, 2014 choice song, 2013 choice work, etc. Or is it completely random?

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      It's completely random whether it's a choice song or work or the category of the type.

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      Deirdre Gall

      Thanks, and do you know if they accept "unknown composer" for your answer to the composer of your chosen work or song? Lots of my choice works and songs haven no composer, so I just want to double check that it ok.

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      If no composer like the Irish folk song then write the country.

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      Deirdre Gall

      Ok thanks. Do you need to know why each choice song and work fits into the category?

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      No, just 2 features, the song name and the composer / country

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      Deirdre Gall


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      For the likes of theme and variation know how it's varied

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      That's for one of two features caoimhek0312

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