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Aoife_9776 Junior Cert Music — 13/06/16 9

Does anybody know any good websites to practice dictation on? I find getting the melody difficult :(

Orlamariaflanagan — 21/05/16
Sorry this was simply a misunderstanding I thought you meant you want to become a dictator I hope we can leave this in the past and forget about it. I don't do music but I would be happy to help in any other subject.
ArahKa — 27/05/16
no good webites i found it hard to i asked my teacher and i found that the class all found it hard so she went over it again just ask the teacher us there to help��
SryanBruen — 27/05/16
ArahKa I already answered to her question. My comments were deleted.
joecole — 27/05/16
This website is very handy: http://juniorcertmusicb.weebly.com/dictation-practice-exercises.html
Aoife_9776 — 28/05/16
ArahKa — 30/05/16
well your comment wasnt there sahn��
Antoinette_5535 — 31/05/16
ugh cant do it ...
hannah mcnelson — 03/06/16
Lucyhvarn — 13/06/16
Just keep practicing dictation over and over again. It's the only way u'll get it.
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