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    Dictation. Music HL. Beachy123

    Anyone have TIPS for DICTATION question?

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      Anyone :/

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      Only way to get better at dictation is paractice.

      Tips would probably remebering that:

      Draw in bar lines and double at the end

      There's always a dotted crochet always followed by a quaver

      Try to get into the habit of replaying the phrase in your head.

      Th last note always finishes on Doh(Note:this doesn't always happen but it tends to sound nicer to finish 5 to 1, meaning Soh to Doh so watch out for that

      And just try to listen if the next note you're trying to find his lower or higher than the previous one,believe it or not,you could get up to half the marks if you're Tonic Solfa is wrong but you're in the right direction

      Studyclix don't actually have the marking scheme for most dictation questions but my music teacher has made her own dictation questions here if you want to use them:

      Hope this helps!

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      Thanks so much x

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      No problem

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      I'd like to also point out Beachy123 that this is a very poorly answered question by students. So if you get at least a few marks or an easy 22 marks - that's without the melody notes, then you're doing very well on this question - so don't worry if you think you're doing awful.

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