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tammieoneill Junior Cert Music — 19/09/16 3

Can someone please tell me what topics you have to know for the higher level junior cert music exam especially what is needed for Irish music

SryanBruen — 19/09/16
Q1 - Set songs, you must know some features of every one of your set songs, including Key, Mood and Time Signature etc. Q2 - Set works, you must know some features of every one of your set works, including of every movement - instruments used, key, mood etc. Q3 - Irish Music, you must know types of Irish music, types of Irish dances and their time signatures / typical bar rhythms, examples of well known Irish music collectors and players, traditional and non-traditional Irish music instruments. Q4 - Dictation, this question is a matter of practice and listening to the notes played. Q5 - Choice Songs and Works, know two features of each choice song and work you study. Q6-8, like Q4 are a matter of practice to past questions. Q10 (never answer Q9) - General Study, know three features of an artist's work in detail you've learnt and name two songs by that artist.
SryanBruen — 19/09/16
I made this for myself last year (don't mind the Set Songs and Set Works - as I'm taking you are in 3rd year? and you will be doing different ones than I did) and the Irish music part of it will help you a lot.
tammieoneill — 19/09/16
Thanks a million so helpful
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