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    HELP!! Danielle1358

    Difference between a Melodic and Rhythmic feature??

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      Rhythmic, comes from rhythm or what you could call, "the beat" or if it has syncopation (accents on off-beats)(non tonal). And melodic, means melody, usually referring to how high or how low it is, and the texture (harmonies) it has.

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      Ok thank you ... So exactly what should I learn for my Music exam?

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      About what section? Set songs, set works, dictation, irish music? what section are you referring to?

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      Everything! All sections!

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      Set songs & set works:

      - Learn at least TWO rhythmic and melodic features on each song and work

      - Learn all composers of each song and work

      - Learn the title of each song and work as well as the movement names of each work

      - Learn the speed / time signature / key of each song and work

      Irish music:

      - Learn traditional AND non-traditional features (preferably 5 of each)

      - Learn traditional AND non-traditional instruments

      - Learn types of Irish dances

      - Learn types of songs such as laments, lullabies (only name them!)

      - Learn an Irish music composer / performer / group such as Bill Whelan or Planxty (For part D of Q3: Irish Music)

      - Learn features of sean-nós singing

      - Learn definitions such as planxty, fusion etc

      General study:

      - Study THREE features in detail about your general study which could be early music, day-to-day music etc (pick one of the categories) (mine is early music)


      - Learn ALL letter names including ledger lines and spaces

      - Learn ALL note names and values (Crotchets, quavers, minims, semibreves, semi-quavers, dotted minims and dotted crotchets at JC level)

      - Learn the tonic solfa names (you don't have to do but could be helpful in doing this question)

      Choice songs & works

      - Learn instruments

      - Learn ALL of your choice songs & works with TWO features on each (it's unpredictable which one will come up)

      - Learn the different textures (Homophonic, polyphonic, monophonic)

      Other questions, you don't have to study really.

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      Perfect thank you very much

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