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    Help With Set Songs Olive1175

    1. What are two features of a lied song for Franz Schuberts 'Wanderers Night'???

    2. What Makes "Cant Help Lovin That Man" a jazz piece??

    3. Is "Evening Prayer" by Englebert Humperdink Polyphone, Monophonic or Homophonic???

    4. When the lyrics in "Evening Prayer" turn to "Two are in my right hand" is it polyphonic, monophonic or homophonic???

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      Wanderer's Night Song has repeated notes throughout and is only 14 bars long.

      Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man has a syncopated melody which is key to many jazz songs.

      Evening Prayer is polyphonic.


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      THANKS SO MUCH!!!!! SyranBruen!?!?

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      One more question though! How does only having 14 bars and repeated notes makes it a lied song??

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      Oh sorry I read that wrong. I just said features of Wanderer's Night Song. Here's your features of a lied song instead (they're in Wanderer's Night Song though also!)

      A German romantic poem is set to music.

      Lieders (lied plural) are wrote for piano.

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      Thanks a million!

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      Here's my revision I made of my music (Choice songs and works and General Study not really of use to you since you have different ones) that I thought would be of help to you too

      attachment Music Revision.docx

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      Thanks so much. Very helpful?!?!

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