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    HL answers SryanBruen

    This is what I had for my answers. Feel free to disagree

    Q1 Set Songs

    A (i) The Verdant Braes of Screen

    (ii) Syncopated rhythm

    B (i) Modal

    (ii) Ornamentation on notes

    C (i) A A1 B A1

    (ii) Australia

    D song 3

    Q2 Set Works

    A (i) Rodeo

    (ii) Hoedown

    B (i) A ballet

    (ii) Aaron Copland

    C (i) Bonyparte

    (ii) Reel

    D (i) Piano

    (ii) Cymbals / Timpani / Xylophone / Woodblock / Snare Drum

    E (i) Trumpet and Violin

    (ii) Off-beat accents and octave leaps

    F (i) (8 semiquavers)

    (ii) Vamping on piano and accented notes

    Q3 Irish Music

    A (i) A slip jig

    (ii) 9/8

    (iii) 9 Quavers

    B (i) Uilleann Pipes

    (ii) Last note of the tune is repeated at the end of each phrase and binary form

    (iii) Block chords (I am very unsure with this)


    (i) Drums (all I could remember sorry)

    (ii) It is not a solo art form

    D - really depends on what you have studied

    This is all I can really remember sorry. I'll post Triads later.

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      Okay here's Triads fully worked out


      I - B(flat) D F

      II - Cm E(flat) G

      IV - E(flat) G B(flat)

      V - F A C

      VI - Gm B(flat) D

      A: notes are B(flat), D and F

      B: B(flat) major

      C: 4th bass stave

      D: Bar 8

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      Would o carolan do for the collector. Could not remember Edward buntings name in there

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      I think so Riona

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      O'Carolan is a Harpistand composer, not a collector.

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      *Harpist and

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      Just realised how old this thread is....

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