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    I have no idea laurenlilyali

    What exactly do we need to know for the mocks because music is the hardest subject to study for and the 16 choice and set songs are throwing me in terms of what we need to know and be able to write about

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      Look at past exam questions and you'll see what kind of questions are asked. Q1 is Set Songs and that's worth 30 marks. Chosen Songs appear in Q5 and is worth 10 of the 40 marks, and Chosen Songs OR Chosen Works may appear. So I'd say focus on Set Songs more than Chosen Songs

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      Here is a document by me that includes features and things you need to know for Set songs and set works. It also includes basic music theory and MY CHOSEN WORKS & SONGS as well as MY GENERAL STUDY (don't mind them since yours is different)

      attachment Music Revision.docx

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