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    JC Music 2011 Question D - Irish Music Fiddlestix

    Sorry guys I'm just stuck on what I need to do for this long question. We haven't studied a performance by someone or some group(s). Anyone have any idea?

    Also do you know what to write in 2004 Irish Music Q- D. Give the name of a solo artist or group and describe 3 characteristic features of the performance. We haven't studied this at all.

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      There isnt usually a set question for irish music. you really have to study alot in this section:

      Irish Essays

      Irish Performers and what they perform

      Sean Nos singing

      Different styles of Irish Singing (features)

      Know who plays what instrument

      A named Irish traditional band

      A named Irish traditional singer

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      Section A of the paper has been leaked, it's on my friends snapchat- will.holland

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      Yeah Olive1175, just in the in this case what song or performance would you do? I've studied everything like that but just haven't studied a song in a group, maybe I should study a song in their group

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      Wat is section A Dagan123 cause I don't hav snapchat

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