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Music notes for 2017 JC
by Deirdre Gall Junior Cert Music — 31/05/17 27

I'm doing Music and we have had three different teachers in 1st, 2nd and 3rd year. My notes are therefore all over the place/ non-existent. Does anyone have notes that I could use? I am doing set C as my exam is in 2017. Thanks

eoghan_15 — 08/11/16
Hi! I have notes on all the set songs and work and my choice songs, I could email them to you if you'd like.
Deirdre Gall — 08/11/16
That would be great ! My email is alduggan28@gmail.com
caoimhek0312 — 14/11/16
I have notes on Irish music if that's any good?
Deirdre Gall — 17/11/16
Yes please, my email is above :)
vera2026 — 18/11/16
Could you also e-mail them to me?? I am also doing set c so it would be so useful it is vera202634@gmail.com thank you!!
Steve_opa10 — 28/11/16
Can you also e-mail me. my email is steveoparemi4@gmail.com
Katyosull — 04/12/16
Could you also email me? Katyos173@gmail.com
laura01 — 06/12/16
Sorry but could you also email me: l.fisher@jesusandmarycollege.ie I'd love if you could, Thanks
Mdoyle — 07/12/16
Omg could u also email me I also have no music notes at all I don't even have a music copy my email is mollydoyle@ardscoil.ie
charlotte-ohall — 05/01/17
could you post the notes here please ? for everyone, especially irish music thank you
Prat — 06/01/17
Could you email me them too. (All notes you have) Email : superboy.tikku@gmail.com Thank you!
Zeinab15 — 06/01/17
Could I have them please email : zeinabalalawi1446@gmail.com
cjthedj — 09/01/17
could you please send them on my email is kerrymc327@gmail.com
Tia_6929 — 09/01/17
Hi I would be interested in the music notes too , my email is tia@live.ie. Thank you
weebtrash — 09/01/17
please email these notes to jen.jean@icloud.com !! much appreciated!
weebtrash — 09/01/17
sorry, actually heichoubee@gmail.com ! thanks!
mattf1183 — 10/01/17
please email the notes to dillanematthew@ricecollegewestport.ie
charlotte-ohall — 10/01/17
please email me the notes too! charlotteohalloran8@gmail.com
lilannila — 10/01/17
me too please annikadunford@gmail.com
lilannila — 10/01/17
thanks so much
Wiki B — 22/01/17
So if anyone can I'd love the notes 14WBorsuk.BFT@lmetb.ie Thanks ����
caitlin4899 — 29/01/17
Omg i need those notes hehe my email is @caitlin489@gmail.com :)
caoimhek0312 — 02/02/17
Sorry can't upload photos here anyone who wants them email me caoimhekelly.pdls14@wriggle.ie
Hannah298 — 13/02/17
Send new notes hannah01lyons@gmail.com
Simon_6511 — 15/02/17
can somone email them to me, my email is seascout4life@gmail.com
RobC — 16/03/17
Could someone email them to me also at cullenrobert04@gmail.com please.... Thanks in advance
Oisin_8011 — 31/05/17
can someone please email me them - 14oisinohora@lackencross.ie
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