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Predictions for Irish Music section??
Miriam_8606 Junior Cert Music — 21/06/16 5

Anyone have any guesses about question 3, the Irish music section? Will it be collectors, harpists, ceili bands, traditional Irish songs etc..?? Thank you!!

Beachy123 — 20/06/16
ceili bands? Have ye studies them?
mathswhiz101 — 20/06/16
i can help with ceili bands if you want, im in one!
Charleybear — 21/06/16
I could do wit a bit of help
jacktcorrigan — 21/06/16
mart i need help
GaillimheGal — 21/06/16
From what I have seen with the past exam papers, They ask 'What are the features of a Ceili Band' ~Melody played in unison ~Homophonic Texture ~Strict Rhythm Sorry I have no predictions, I just left this here, May come in somewhere tommorrow!
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