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    set workssss hannah mcnelson

    does anyone have any predictions on what set work will come up? if its brandenburg concerto could it be either allegro or riternello or would they come up together??

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      Well first do not mix the movements up.

      Movement 1: Allegro - is the ritornello piece you're talking about (that you think is the second movement)

      Movement 2: Affetuoso

      And I would predict Affetuoso to come up. No, both would not come up.

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      Hi Sryan

      Our teacher never did this with us and we've no book just notes Wat do I need to know about afferuoso pls!!

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      Use my notes here (Page titled "Set Works") here to help you.

      attachment Music Revision.docx

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      Tks a mill what set songs do U think I should no?

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      you have to learn them all

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