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set workssss
hannah mcnelson Junior Cert Music — 19/06/16 5

does anyone have any predictions on what set work will come up? if its brandenburg concerto could it be either allegro or riternello or would they come up together??

SryanBruen — 18/06/16
Well first do not mix the movements up. Movement 1: Allegro - is the ritornello piece you're talking about (that you think is the second movement) Movement 2: Affetuoso And I would predict Affetuoso to come up. No, both would not come up.
Charleybear — 19/06/16
Hi Sryan Our teacher never did this with us and we've no book just notes Wat do I need to know about afferuoso pls!!
SryanBruen — 19/06/16
Use my notes here (Page titled "Set Works") here to help you.
Charleybear — 19/06/16
Tks a mill what set songs do U think I should no?
mathswhiz101 — 19/06/16
you have to learn them all
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