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    thoughtssss mathswhiz101

    what y'all think

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      Really nice paper! Questions were extremely easy compared to other years. Nothing to complain about to be honest :)

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      Only things I had problems with

      - Irish Music slip jig

      - General study layout compared to recent years

      - Name the melody in set works (I guessed Bonyparte)

      Other than these, loved it!

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      what was the name of the melody!?

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      Jade said it was Bonyparte.

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      Wooooooooo i got it

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      For set songs, from the extract at the bottom, did anyone guess it song 3 (Click go the shears)?

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      Yes because of the dotted rhythm ^

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      Great! Thanks SryanBruen !

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      Susan Kenny

      Thought it was a lovely paper and the triads song see you again was lovely.The only thing I was annoyed about was the slip jig ☺,I am just so happy to be on my summer holidays now 🌞 what song number did people say for the last question of the set songs.I said song number three click go the shears

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      Click goes the shears is correct it was the part of the song where it goes like "out on the board the old shearer stands ........."

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