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Trad Instruments that play harmony
mathswhiz101 Junior Cert Music — 21/06/16 5

Hi guys, i got this wrong in my pre because i said concertina(which actually can play chords) and harp. Harp was marked correct but concertina wasn't. What would ye say plays chords?

mathswhiz101 — 21/06/16
sorry the title is meant to say chords not harmony
katebeirne — 21/06/16
no harmony in trad! bazouki maybe?
Carroll2000 — 21/06/16
Accordions can play chords.
M.P.E.T.S.S. — 21/06/16
i said banjo and got it right in the pre
mathswhiz101 — 21/06/16
ok sound
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