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70 mark question predictions?

does anyone know what could come up for the 70 mark essay thing at the end

harryfitz — 15/06/16
some form of islam is always there
gra_hutcheson — 16/06/16
something about how religion effects their daily lifes i think
gra_hutcheson — 16/06/16
idk but thats what i think is coming up
Amyburke — 17/06/16
That came up ^^
genevive.s — 14/02/17
Anyone know what came up in the DEB religion mocks paper
iAlison — 14/02/17
Can anyone tell me what's on the religion mock please !!!
So leaving cert... — 14/02/17
why religion is bullshit
iAlison — 14/02/17
But not studying and getting low marks is too ^
Nellie3663 — 14/02/17
Deb I did for the 70 mark question was "communities of faith e.g. svp under the contents of communication and service "
genevive.s — 14/02/17
What were the other topics that popped up in the DEB paper?
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