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    Main topics to cover in a few hours study person

    havent studied at all but want to do well, any main topics that come up often??

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      photosynthesis, genetics, ecology and respiration.. are the 4 main ones! they come up in some way every year.

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      they're quite big sections, so its a tad late to be studying them in detail now. After those top 4 ones i'd study all the food experiments and enzyme experiments, theyre the most important.

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      study person

      Isn't that science not religion?

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      Know a community i.e SVP and a person that followed vocation i.e Mother Teresa. Knowing all the community and leadership stuff from 1st year would help in the Q1 essay and Q1 section 4.

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      study person

      ok thanks:)

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      Know your Jesus

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      we were told the essay question was going to be about either;

      - importance of prayer in a religion you studied

      - two styles of leadership

      - how parables showing kingdom of god on earth

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