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    How to study religion cormac365

    How should religion be studied? I have notes already. Should I use them to answer exam questions? Should I make out notes again? Etc...

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      Just keep reading over them don't learn them off it takes too long and don't spend too long at religion you do have other subjects

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      read 100 pages of bible a night and say few prayers

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      draw a pentagram in blood on the floor of your room and hope for the best

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      My blood or.....

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      Nah I'd say use the blood of a squished catepillater but that could be personal preference

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      Not the biggest pentagram then... Ah well the drawing will help my tgr anyway

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      if u find learning about different religions hard, thn think of it as a story tht u make up along the way

      but remember to include all the important facts as well

      hope this helps

      p.s. plz dnt kill any caterpillars or insects

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      Eamon T

      u need to consult the best person in the year at religion (Timmina) and get tips that may cost you but are pure quality

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      Chekk it and Rekk it, you is listening to none other then the main man of Raligion.

      Firstly let me educate yourself on something that is well important. Yeezus Chirst initt. Yeezy was a chill man. You know. stay at home smoke his own home grown. Chap was real down to earth. For real him and his boys,who go by the name of the Disiightttples, used to dig holes in the ground make themselves at him and roll a few. Hear me now, this bloke was no Dynamo or Hoodini. Me is 100% sure that when he was 'walking' on water he actually wasnt. In fact some historical documents says that he was actually running and it was only because he couldnt swim, which is why he calls up his cousin and was like; Yo Johnny. Me hears you has always got me covered, me was wondering is there any chance you could baptize me and all because me is unable to swim initt.

      Me know that me is causing alot of contraversy with this but for real Yeezy and his squad did not play around. Whether it was kicking everybody body out of his 'fathers house' just because they was ravinn or gatecrashing weddings, getting turntt and turning all of the waters into wine iightt.

      For more information regarding this Yeezy chekk the book, it is one of the most well read and best selling book on this planet and its filled with love, hatred, miracles and geezers with beards. It is in all good bookstores nationwide (except easons in Drogheda, that place smells like me nans kitchen after a wild bingo night) Anyway its called Harry Potter.


      Swaggy C

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      cud u do tht with islam plssssssss

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      Yo for real, is you talking to me?

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      yes im talking to u SwaggyC

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