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    Last minute Mock revision Jack22

    Anyone got any tips on what to go over the night before a Mock? Ive revised everything, but I'm curious to know what are the most common things or any specifics that you've been told


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      yes so much!

      Humanism, know karl marx and albert camu.

      Devine Revelation

      World religion question is pick 2 world religions and talk about how thie church/ place of worship is laid out

      know monasticism for the irish experience

      know the sophists for search for meaning and value

      Christianity question you have to pick out 2 books that talk about jesus and compare and contrast..

      our religion teacher told us everything that is coming up on the paper, havent sat it yet.. not sure which company it is either.. best of luck :)

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      sorry just realised you said junior cert, thats all for leaving cert haha

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      Haha :)

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