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    Religious Questions Stargirl

    If I fidnt get baptized, did communion , confirmation ,should i be still doing religion in school, should i still do it as im not a Christian or Catholic person

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      Didnt do any of the above, should i still be doing religion in school

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      You can opt out if it, I think. But you need your parent's permission.

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      Really, can I drop out now and do i need to tell the teacher/principal

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      You don't need to be part of any religion to do the religion exam! The course explores the importance of religion to certain groups and how our faith can be influenced by those around us. I find it quite interesting and would advise you to stick with it!

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      A lot of schools dont bother with the exam and its a timetable filler. In most places its non denominational so your religious beliefs or lack thereof dont really come into it. I dont believe in god or practice any religion but I still go to religion classes and did it at junior cert as well

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      Ok,then thanks for the tips , anyway I'm still doing religion in school now

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