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    Summer test tomorrow any tips??????/ mattf1183

    summer test tomorrow and really want to pass with high grade any tips

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      sorry forgot to say im in first year

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      Roberto Mane

      whats your test on?

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      Well with summer exams its different in every school as the teachers randomly select different topics from each subject.But my tips would be time management.Make sure you have this planned out as you don't want to run out of time and not have the test done.Highlight the key words in the question.What exactly is the question asking you and are you actually answering the question? as simple as this sounds you won't believe how many students out there don't read the question properly and just throw out any essay they've learnt off for that topic.I can't stress this enough and I know you are under time pressure but try and remain calm and stay focused its a really basic but like I said I'm currently a sixth year about to do my Leaving Cert and the amount of students who still don't read the question properly is quite baffling really.

      I hope this helps a bit and if you've done your study you'll do fine.

      Good Luck!

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      Nicole Keenan

      Attempt all questions, you will get marks for a good attempt

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      Thanks all :) fingers crossed ;)

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      ya wright down the score you ting you will get then after exam do the same then check results. this makes me more focus

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      Learn definitions! If you know all the definitions from the chapters you've studied, it will really help. Try even making flash cards to help you learn them

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      ya that helps allot but make sure you revise every day for at least an hour

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