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    Whats on religion mocks? I'll swap other subjects needhelp101

    I think im deb, all i know is that all mine are the same make as the maths test with the planet, the bar code is at the top left. If someone has it can you show me to make me less screwed. I have english paper 1 and 2, Irish paper 1 and 2. Ive done a lot of others too. The religion book is just too huge for one night. Also if someone has geography helpful too haha

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      was your maths test with earth and pluto?

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      Yeah that was it, do you have the religion ?:)

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      yes, so i think your exam craft? do you have science?


      interfaith dialogue


      jesus' society, river jordan, gailee, samaria etc

      your world religions traditions, sacred texts

      materlisism secularism sectarianism

      evidence of jesus

      For islam id reccomened eid al fitir

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      Could u give me science please big help!!

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